AHR 029

We gathered by a river in suburban Tokyo waiting for the fireworks to start before a bridge that looked like this.  A train passed before us at random intervals. When it got dark, the people inside seemed transparent.

Atomic Heart #29






Music Feature
Twilight (2009)
Haruka Nakamura

… and a prose piece from yours truly.

my writing





Playlist | track – artist | feature*
Muted Singer – Jing Wong
Harmonie du soir – Haruka Nakamura*
Faraway – Haruka Nakamura
承諾 Betrayed – inLove
Memoria – Haruka Nakamura
Twilight – Haruka Nakamura
Freya – Cleen
Evil Eyes – BLAK
No Toxic – Slow Tech Riddim
Fallen – Jade and the Stagger Swallows