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the colourful surrealist

I spoke with the painter Miloza Ma at her studio as she gears up for her first solo exhibition. Her works are playful and surreal with cozy colours and unsettling themes. People say there’s a touch of horror in her works, and she says that’s okay.  (In Chinese)

超現實的元素 + 不確定的主題

doris combo


close up in heaven

The video artist Lam Ching talks about his twenty years trying to balance authentic works with commercial works.  We spoke after his multimedia show Close-Up in Heaven which featured experimental sounds from the local band Tree Phoning.

多媒體藝術家林青 X 紙風鈴的實験性音樂 


the art of the shamisen

We are in Tokyo to learn about the shamisen 三味線 from the multi-talented artist Shunputei Miyuki 春風亭美由紀. She runs the whole show on her own, singing, dancing, telling jokes, and playing the traditional Japanese music instrument of three strings.


reflections for the twenty-first century

Etudes is an art exhibition concept by the Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng.  He collaborates with the Australian writer/filmmaker John Conomos and the French video artist Robert Cahen to create Etudes for the 21st Century, an interactive experience housed in the newly renovated Osage Gallery.


Cicada Live in Hong Kong

The Taiwanese chamber ensemble Cicada performs at City University in Hong Kong on Saturday December 21.  They are also promoting their newest album, Coastland 邊境消逝. Listen, as they tell AHR about their own favourite Cicada pieces. (In Mandarin)



making a poetry journal

Sound & Rhyme is a bilingual poetry journal in Hong Kong.  AHR speaks with members from the editing Keith Liu and Rebecca Ng as they talk about the joy and the challenges of taking on a project that they know would not bring a monetary profit.  Poetry readings included.


Sound and Rhyme coverflower tea