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turn down the suck, turn up the good

Audio-video artist/party DJ Shelf-Index teams with fellow musician Alok to form Gravity Alterstra with the goal of promoting parties of an eclectic flavour.

Shelf-Index photo: karkar dream


dead cat dreaming

Tux is a local dream pop band and after their EP launch party we came to chat about cats. There was a drunken Scottish dude who stole the show at one point and he of course did not make the feature.


story tangents

Wilson Tsang is an indie man of multiple talents.  We chatted at the CIA livehouse where he presented me with his EP Whale Song: a scrapbook of tangent stories.  Great vibe to his gig too.


of closings and parties and labyrinths

Percussionist Sascia Pellegrini, singer-artist Ama, experimental artist Kingsley Ng, and the boys behind the Dirty Paper project, Chan Wai Lap and Yau Kwok Keung,  are all featured here at the Osage Gallery’s closing party, where I was invited to give a poetry performance.


his middle name is the last name of saddam

I spoke with the political singer-songwriter David Rovics ahead of his world tour stop in Hong Kong.  David has been on countries’ black lists, has been denied entry at airports, as he continues to sing about the flaws of capitalism and the American democracy.  What does America’s most-wanted have to say ahead of his visit to Hong Kong?


enter electro improv

Electronic sound artist Dennis Wong performs under the name Sin:Ned.  We spoke after he played at the CIA livehouse in an industrial building in Kwai Chung.  Dennis has his own record label and organizes shows for other sound artists.  And yes, it’s all improv.

Photo: Ray Fung