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the scenery and the light and dark

I put this on my stereo when I want to turn my room into the contemplative cafe. The CD itself is an item of rich texture, containing pages reflective scenery printed on top-quality paper. Arguably the best product from Kitchen Label.


Twilight (2010)
Haruka Nakamura
Genre: instrumental | We played…
Track 02: harmonie du soir
Track 07: faraway
Track 05: memoria
Track 11: twilight


for a futuristic elevator

The rhythmic ambient makes for a cool elevator vibe, but the album also has depth in its measured composition and exotic lyrics set to a few of the tracks.

polar m

Beyond (2013)
Marihiko Hara & Polar M
Genre: instrumental, ambient | We played…
Track 09: Morning Paths
Track 07: Leaves
Track 01: April 15th

casino city’s underground vibes

A solid compilation of Macao’s little-known bands though most tracks have a pop tendancy. Track one reminds me of a time not long ago when I liked songs and lyrics that sound like that.


iband 4 Macau Local Band Sound | 愛 band 4 澳門獨立樂隊合輯 (2013)
Various Artists
Genre: rock | We played…
Track 05: Lonely King – M7
Track 10: Darkneige – Why Oceans
Track 07: Alfred Green’s Ghost – Sinking Summer
Track 01: 塚愛 – Blacksheep

red rocket telepathy

A combination of odd dreams blended into a zoned-out rhythm.


Red Rocket Telepathy (2009)
Genre: electro dream pop | We played…
Track 06: Simple Complications
Track 08: Airy Me
Track 10: Into the Future

birds by the shore

Tracks in this compilation are recorded at the Kafka by the Shore cafe in Taipei. There are two volumes in all.  I purchased both while picking out CDs at the cafe.  I caught We Saved Strawberries there on a Christmas Eve a few years ago and won the lucky draw grand prize.  A cozy hang-out.

kafka bird

卡夫卡不插電2 | Original Soundtrack Kafka Urban Folk Vol. 2 (2008)
Various Artists
Genre: folk, rock | We played…
Track 16: through the night – Nylas
Track 13: 說話 — 王榆鈞
Track 05: 光­­­­の輪 — quizmaster

lights shimmer on the road

It’s the first time we feature a Hong Kong band from the collection.  Very impressed with poetic Cantonese set to a continental vibe.


Euroad (2010)
Genre: pop rock | We played…
Track 06: 柏林危機
Track 03: Cesky Krumlov
Track 02: 布達佩斯